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What Our Clients Say

If you are expanding your business and can’t sacrifice quality, John’s help is an absolute must!  I am the founder of a successful investment firm and the tools John has given my team have allowed us to expand with fewer staff and our communication is so much more clear. It makes everyone feel understood and the business is safer and moving much faster. 

Jeff Bland
Managing Director - Burrus Financial Services, Inc

One of the keys to scaling in business is making sure that the back end of the business  – the systems, the processes and the way that the team communicates is managed seamlessly to allow the high end execution and delivery of the product and service to our clients. John Tonkin and his team have the most in-depth training and implementation process that has made a huge difference to our business and to our clients’ businesses. I would highly recommend John and his team if you are wanting to streamline your standard operating procedures and have your team work without you by relying on the systems that you’ve built.

Dr David Dugan
Founder - Abundance Global

Wow, what a week! Massive Thank you John Tonkin from Brain in a Box.
I’ve been trying to follow this process for four years … John carries so much credibility and the “buy in” from the staff is what makes the difference.”

Bianca Watts
Marketing Manager - Signature Homes Geelong

Oooo look at my sexy new google site that John Tonkin created from our strategy sessions so cool. He is a genius my whole business is now systematised yay after all these years true productivity map. … Still working on it all today.
Organising my entire business systems with John. I wish I had done this ten years ago would have made such a massive difference. Highly recommend John will end up with Google sites with all my systems – amazing.

Pip McKay
Owner - Evolve Now! Mind Institute Pty Ltd

John provides an essential service for any business seeking to scale, grow, enhance rigour and ensure a first class customer experience. He has sat with us for countless hours helping reveal the way we do what we do – the unconscious  ‘known knowns’ that live in the minds of all business owners and leadership teams.  These ways of working must be extracted for the business to evolve.  John has a patient, insightful method of extracting, and adds enormous value in the ‘unpacking experience’. He spots things you’ll never see, aided by years of deep experience. We have doubled our revenue and quadrupled our team since we have been working with him. He’s a great human, deeply caring and a total pro at adding value to any business.

As ex IT people, we know about process maps and had put them together for our business. Despite our beautiful maps lovingly placed in our Google Site, we kept screwing up. Working harder wasn’t the answer. Time to think differently. 

We sucked it up and sought help from a professional – John Tonkin. John spent last week with us in Melbourne. What a delightful individual with such an AMAZING process. He worked us hard to the point that we thought our brains would explode; with such insightful questions and excellent ah-ha moments. 

So at the end of our first week AJ (After John), the business is different. The team are noticing where we are “out of process” and put in place steps to get back into the process. We still have lots of work to do on this…but we can see that we can now achieve long term sustainable improvements. Thanks John! Wish we had done this years ago. It would have saved so much wasted effort and missed profits.

Lyn & Maurice Beinat
Directors - EcoMaster

Hi there, Just a quick shout out! I absolutely encourage anyone who has their own business to get John Tonkin from Brain in a Box on board!
He will help you systemise your business to ensure maximum productivity and consistency. Starting the process we were able to identify key issues within our business and then develop a procedure to help manage and eliminate them. I was lucky enough to spend 6 days with John and my partner and I are convinced it is one of the best business decisions and investments we have ever made. In fact we knew half way through our time with him it was the best decision… He is honestly that good! We are really excited about 2016 and implementing everything we created with John!

Ryan Dye
Owner - Aussie Wide Concepts

AMAZING WEEK last week. I was very fortunate to spend last week with John Tonkin from Brain In a Box. The value John has added to my business is huge. It’s too early to put a true figure on it, but I know it will be significant. 
In addition to that, I had a vision for my business and to be honest, wasn’t 100% sure how we would get there. After a week with John discussing and designing our process maps, I now have a clearer path to get to our vision.
I highly recommend you have a chat with John to find out how the Brain in a Box team can help your business.

Zeina Ryan
Owner - Future Habitat

I just spent this morning with systems genius John Tonkin assisting me with re-designing the flow and details of how I train and support my team in doing what we do for our clients.

I reckon if you’re a business owner and in need of help to get the knowledge in yours and your teams heads out and into easy to access, update, and USE systems for your business, you should be talking to him!

He’s a busy man booked way in advance but if you can get some time with him it’ll be the best investment of time and money you can make.

Carl Taylor
Owner - Automation Agency

Big shout out and thanks to the superman of systems John Tonkin for his expertise and guidance last week. Can’t believe how much we accomplished in a week! Definitely should have done this years ago, but better late than never. Couldn’t recommend John’s services more highly

James Ibrahim
Director - Blackburn Int. Asia Pacific

I can’t thank you enough in helping us capture all our systems. I know it would have taken us years to achieve what we accomplished this week. Thanks for the laughs and sugar highs.

Jane Hamilton

“John Tonkin you are a legend. Thank-you, so-oooo much mate. Who would have thought there is so much to systems before you even put a blue sticky on the board.
Your professionalism and talent are far and beyond expectation, and a bloody nice guy to top it off. H & H Cabinets is on a far clearer path. Thanks John. Highly highly recommend working with John.”

Dale Healy
Owner - H&H Cabinets

What an absolute honour it was to work with John Tonkin for over 50 hours this week to help make Happy Dots even more awesome than what it already is! John is a very intelligent man, brilliant at systems & will change your life in a week! Stop thinking about it and JUST DO IT!!! You won’t look back!

Rachelle Day
Owner - Happy Dots

Hanging with John Tonkin. What an experience. Do yourself a favour, let John help you with your systems. He shares so much knowledge and expertise. I would say that I have saved a year in time from Johns support. Thank you John, you are awesome.

Bec Fischer
Director - Agent Hub Australia Pty Ltd

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