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Keeping your systems up to date can be a challenge. You’ve got your business to run and it requires your expertise and focus. So, choose a plan and manage your systems with Confidence.


Full Service
$250 / monthPaid Annually
  • $8.20 per day
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Zoom meeting to help define your tasks if required
  • Submit & track tasks via the Confidence Portal
  • One active task at a time
  • Migrate your existing Classic Google Site for no extra charge
  • Option to pause for 1 month while you take a break
$130 / monthPaid Annually
  • $4.30 per day
  • Three hours task/revision time per month
  • Zoom meeting to help define your tasks if required
  • Submit & track tasks via the Confidence Portal
  • One active task at a time
  • Unlimited revisions to achieve exactly what you want
  • No lock-in contract
  • Upgrade or Cancel at any time

All Prices Are Shown In Australian Dollars

  • All tasks are governed by ‘reasonableness’. Our dedicated team members work hard to make sure that support requests are completed in a timely manner and in the order they are received. They also make every effort to balance their efforts across all active tickets so that all Confidence members are served equitably. If multiple support requests are submitted by a member in a ‘batch’, this is on the understanding that they will be managed so as to maintain this balance across all active tickets.
  • Three months minimum subscription for Full Service paid monthly
  • [Optional] Sign up for three months Full Service then switch to Maintenance


That won’t be a problem. Create a ticket and explain what you’re hoping to achieve. One of our team members will then send you a Zoom meeting invitation and you will be able to talk directly with them to define your objective. Once you’re happy that we know what you need, we’ll get stuck into it.

There are no limits on what you can request, but it’s important to understand how we manage support tickets from our members.

  • When we receive a new ticket from you, one of our team members will review your request and estimate the time it will take to meet your request. 
  • If your request goes beyond what we offer in your current Confidence plan, we will tell you and present the best option available to meet your request.
  • All requests are subject to our ‘reasonableness’ test. We will balance our effort to make sure that all members who have submitted tickets receive our support, without favour. Although we will always strive to complete all tickets submitted, we may from time to time be forced to schedule a ticket for the following period.

We designed Confidence primarily to support clients who have worked with Brain in a Box to capture or improve their business systems. Our mission is to help our clients to keep their systems up-to-date. There are changes in tools or applications, technology and the way their businesses operate. Both plans are available to businesses which have not yet worked with Brain in a Box. The more common tasks we perform include:

  • Make changes to existing workflows (in Lucidchart) and publish the updated workflow to your Google, SharePoint or Confluence site
  • Create new workflows (in Lucidchart) based on your draft and publish the workflow to a new page in your Google or SharePoint site or Confluence space
  • Make changes to your Google SharePoint site
  • Convert your Classic Google site to a New Google site and customise it to include your logo and colour scheme, with other elements from your website
  • Create forms, checklists guides and other documents based on drafts provided by you
  • Create automated approvals workflows (e.g. leave application approval process) with a register showing approval history
  • Create forms and registers which, for example, capture information and paste this into a template which is sent as a PDF to your nominated recipients, with details stored in a register (e.g. uniform request)
  • Standardising existing documents or forms
  • Providing general assistance in maintaining your Google site
  • Create custom forms, spreadsheets and reporting tools which extend beyond your software applications
  • Custom workarounds for a multitude of needs

Our team is dedicated to responding to and completing your support requests in the shortest possible time. As you would expect, we respond to these requests in order of submission. You will always receive an automatic receipt on successful submission of your request. You can track progress on your tickets by using our dedicated portal.

Generally speaking, the clearer your instruction, the quicker the resolution of your request. If our team member needs advice from you to complete your request, this will of course slow down progress. We suggest that you review each of your requests carefully before submitting them to minimise follow-up questions to clarify exactly what you want.

We’re here to help

We know how important it is to maintain the systems you put so much effort into creating. Think of us as another member of your team, ready to take on the tasks that support and grow your systems. Let us do the stuff we excel at, so that you can too.

Your time, your effort, your expertise

Everything we do for you is time and money that you and your team can devote to doing your great work. Our team can help to balance the skillset and time demands on your team.

From this small acorn, …

The effort you put into creating your systems and using them to train your team will repay you many times over. Having our skilled team there to back you up will definitely get you there quicker.