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Frequently Asked Questions

We have worked with businesses in a very broad range of industry sectors and business sizes, from start-ups to established major corporates. Our expertise is in capturing and refining business process and doesn’t rely on deep knowledge of any particular industry or business type.

We are able to draw on over 20 years of client engagements in businesses all over Australia. This exposure certainly aids our understanding of business.

Yes. Unless there’s a good reason why we shouldn’t, we will always work with the client where the work is done. The context provides insight and understanding which translates into better systems.

Consulting: Our consultant will work with your team to capture the core processes that define your business. We do this using our custom post-it notes. We then publish the process charts via Lucidchart into your intranet (Google Site, Confluence or other).

Support: We also help you to create the tools which support your systems: automated forms, paper forms, checklists, document templates, email templates, registers, videos, etc. We will always seek to make optimal use of your existing software packages in preference to creating anything outside of them.

Maintenance: Through Confidence, our ongoing support and maintenance service, we help our clients keep their systems up to date. We publish new workflows to their intranets, manage revisions to existing workflows, create forms or tools using a range of Google Add-ons, standardise existing documents or work aids, assist with video uploads… The list is too long and we continually find new ways to help our clients through changes in technology.

While most of our clients are in Australia, we have a growing number of New Zealand clients. We also have a small number of clients in Malaysia.

We are always open to working in other geographic zones.

We love working in the Google space for the accessibility and flexibility it offers. However, we also have clients who use Microsoft SharePoint and Atlassian Confluence for their shared environment.

We strive to be technology neutral, and this applies equally to the shared online environment.

We don’t qualify our clients by size or turnover and have worked with start-ups as well as internationals. Our methodology and approach to systems is robust and flexible.

Businesses of all types share a core ‘genome‘ which can provide general understanding. However, our core skill is in systems and process, gained over more than 25 years, rather than the industry in which we may be working.

Take a look at the logos on the home page and you’ll see a very broad range of industries.

No. Our clients include manufacturing, retail, professional services, business services, consulting, trade services, allied health, pharmaceutical, financial services, legal firms, industry associations, … the list goes on.

We are not focused on a particular industry, sector or size of business.