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John Tonkin


Growing from a corporate training background, always working closely with technology and systems, John worked in some of Australia’s leading corporates before starting his first systems-oriented business in 2000. A passion for systems and a methodology finessed through working with hundreds of businesses across Australia and internationally has contributed to John and the Brain in a Box team being recognised as experts in the field of business systems.

John gets a kick out of seeing proud owners and teams break through the ‘sound barrier’ as they create systems-centred businesses.

Who We Are

Brain in a Box Pty Ltd was founded in 2007 by John Tonkin. Since that time, we have worked with businesses of all sizes, types and industries to assist in the creation of robust business systems, with clients in all the mainland Australian states as well as in New Zealand and Malaysia.

Our Approach

Relying on a methodology honed over the past 25+ years, the brain in a box approach to creating systems relies on collaborative development, working directly with team members and managers to agree ‘the one best way’ of performing the processes that define a business.

By involving team members, we help build ownership, and in turn, this boosts team accountability. Involving the team also helps to remove misconceptions and reinforce desired business practices, leading to a marked reduction in reluctant compliance that can erode business effectiveness and profitability.

The Brain in a Box Team

The Expertise & Know-how That Makes It All Happen

Christine Asuncion

Systems Implementer
I get to turn your draft flowcharts into polished workflows and publish them onto your google site or other intranets. Our focus is always on making sure that your flowchart is easy to read, clearly set out and helps manage the risks you’ve identified in the process. After mapping thousands (yes, thousands) of workflows I’d say we do a pretty good job – our clients certainly say so, and this makes my job so much more rewarding.

Joyce Cordero

Client Systems Coordinator
I work with you (our client) during and after the consulting period to make sure that all your ‘props’ are ready to use. All the forms, templates, checklists, directories, registers, etc that make your business sing.

I’ll make sure that you stick to the plan, that you get the most out of your systems. A quick zoom meeting here, a follow-up call there – whatever it takes to help optimize the value in your systems.

Brands We Helped

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