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Workplace Workshops

Your Brain in a Box Certified Consultant will customise the content and delivery of each of the Workplace series of workshops to suit the requirements of your business and team.

Systems Focus Workshop

Do you have that one part of your business that doesn’t meet your performance expectations? If the answer is yes, then this 2 hour intensive workshop Focus Workshop is going to help iron out any problems and establish ‘the one best way’ of doing things. Working with key members of your team, we’ll create an overview of the area and define the problems, risks and potential benefits. Guided by this we’ll map the process that everyone agrees will properly manage the risks while achieving the desired benefits.

Where process complexity, team skills and experience or other factors do not allow for a solution within the workshop, we will recommend the most appropriate course of action.

Package Price $325 + GST

Systems Overview Workshop

The Systems Overview Workshop provides a practical introduction to developing systems in your business. Starting with a mind map of your business, you’ll soon be identifying the risks or under performing areas of your business. Selecting one of these areas, we’ll then map a process using the Simple Systems Kit as a guide. After a quick check to make sure that the process manages the risks and potential benefits we identified, you’ll have a process ready to implement in your business AND your team will now understand the process for building your systems.

Package Price $850 + GST

Systems Champion Workplace

You’ve recently appointed your ‘Systems Champion’. This workshop will help you identify the challenges they will most likely face in implementing systems in your business. Key amongst the outcomes is the strategy that will guide them in effectively managing others’ involvement to capture, map, write and review the processes that form the core of your business systems. Drawing on our experience with systems implementation and change management, we’ll help make sure that your systems champion can achieve what you’ve entrusted them to do, with confidence.

Package Price $850 + GST

Systems Launch! Workplace

Systems ready to launch into your business but you’re worrying how your team will take to them? If they’ve been directly involved in creating your systems, you’re going to find it relatively easy to achieve the level of accountability you need. If this isn’t the case, there are still a number of strategies you can use to promote a sense of ownership and accountability amongst your team members. You’ll also choose the most appropriate means of keeping your systems up to date as well, with a practical review and change request process.

Package Price $850 + GST