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Simple Systems Kit
The Simple Systems Kit $95 + GST

The Simple Systems Kit

Need to define a process or improve an existing process? Using a workshop format, the Simple Systems Kit will guide you through the steps to mapping a process.

A great tool to capture the skills and experience of your team. The active involvement of your team in the process of developing and implementing systems will multiply the benefits you receive from your systems. Their involvement inevitably leads to a sense of ownership, which in turn promotes an environment of personal accountability.

The kit builds understanding and competency in creating and improving systems, applying key principles without losing sight of the practical needs of your business. Finishing up a workshop with a completed process is rewarding enough, and the sense of fulfilment and enjoyment is almost tangible.

The Simple Systems Kit guides you through a process mapping workshop. It is aimed squarely at the most basic element of every system – the process, the doing-the-job bit. Mapping one process will give you the confidence to tackle the next. By involving members of your team, you will develop the competence to capture and record the processes that define your business. Now you’re on the road to good, reliable systems.

With a Facilitator's Guide, CD-based Powerpoint presentation, Flip Chart Masters, exercises and worksheets, you will have everything you need to map and check your process, while developing process skills in your team. Through being fully engaged in developing the process, your team will develop a sense of ownership in the process that will help with compliance.

Using a selection of standard process-mapping figures in the form of sticky notes; it's easy to draft your process, review it and then edit it to achieve the optimum level of efficiency. Refill packs of sticky figures are available.

Working towards the process paradigm               Understanding the process paradigm
                               Working towards the process paradigm                                   Understanding the process paradigm