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Why do the Certificate IV in Business Course?

Doing things well generally requires an understanding of both the why and the how! Rarely will you succeed with just one of these. The majority of people we speak to agree that having better systems that are communicated and managed effectively will improve their business.

The reality is most people struggle to implement them into their business.

Selecting one of your team to champion systems is the key. Enrolling them in the Certificate IV in Business course is a leveraged solution. Participating in the course ensures that they stay focussed and are kept accountable over the time taken to develop, implement and review your systems.

The participant’s knowledge and skills will dramatically increase, the businesses inefficiency will be reduced by tens of thousands of dollars and, most importantly, your clients will get a better experience when dealing with your business.

The information learnt and skills developed will help manage the inherent risks and create a framework for effective communications in your business for years to come. It will revolutionise the culture within your team and set you apart from your competition.

How the Certificate IV in Business course works

The course is based on a series of customised workshops, informative webinars and practical workbooks designed to achieve involvement from your team. You choose from a range of electives to suit the nature and style of your business. Not one minute is spent away from the business and all activities are real and related to you.

The materials and information provided in the course are based on the methodology developed by John Tonkin, founder of Brain in a Box. Real changes in attitude and actions will be seen within weeks of beginning the course.

Time requirement may vary depending on the participant and the business;

Learning time Up to 20 hours
Self-paced Study Between 20 and 40 hours
Implementation time Between 20 and 40 hours per quarter
Reviewing Time Between 8 - 12 hours per quarter









in your business

as agreed

selected team members

2-4 hours



at your desk

scheduled in advance


45m to 1 hour



at your desk


participant and owner (as required)

self paced


Who should do a Certificate IV in Business?

Anyone interested in making the business more profitable and efficient.

The Certificate IV is a nationally recognised qualification that may benefit the participant when seeking advancement in their business and will give them the confidence to assist in the growth of the business.

Your Investment:

The Certificate IV in Business course is $3850 (inc GST).

$1650 is payable by you on commencement, then $200 per month for 11 months.

To determine if a member of your team is eligible we can organise for them to speak to a local Australian Apprenticeship Centre for pre-approval.

Generally, you will NOT be eligible for the incentive if:

  • you are a Director of the Business
  • you hold a qualification higher than a Certificate IV.
  • you have completed a Certificate III or Certificate IV in the past 7 years, unless you commenced the course within 2 years of leaving school and paid for it yourself.

For eligible participants

$4000 of government incentives may be available, and if so:
$1500 is paid to you 12 weeks after commencement.
$2500 will be paid to you within 10 days of successful completion of the course.

When do we get started?

You may start at any time. We only enrol 6 new participants each month to ensure personalised attention to each participant.

If you have any further questions, please contact Roy West on 1300 799 330 or speak to your Brain in a Box representative.

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