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Here’s 7 reasons why working with Brain in a Box
would be good for your Vendor.

    1  Increase the value of the business being sold by better managing operational risk
    2  Demonstrations credibility through documented systems
    3  Making easy for the buyer to gain insight into the operations of the business
    4  Helps facilitates a smooth clean cut hand over to the buyer – allowing the Vendor a faster exit.
    5  Provides future security for the existing team – proves their worth
    6  Proves the operational integrity of the business
    7  Re-assures clients of on-going service standards

Who do we work with…

We can work with any business in any industry. We are looking for clients who see the value in having their systems documented.

It’s this simply, if the Vendor’s business has

       A Sale Price of $100,000 or more
       Turnover of $300,000 or more per annum
       A team of 3 or more

Then an investment in a Brain in a Box consulting package of $3000 to $15000 (depending on the nature and complexity of the business) will dramatically improve the sales process.

“...the previous owner, Neil, had little in terms of processes and procedures documented as he simply operated from his vast industry experience. .. Somewhat daunted, I wondered how I would ever get this information out of Neil’s head and documented in time – a huge task. I contacted brain in a box... over time, John Tonkin met with Neil and I, and we began to put together a mindmap of the business. After three sessions we had the core processes clearly documented and after four weeks in the business I still refer to them regularly. John’s technical expertise was invaluable as he captured detailed information about the business...”

Matt Davidson – (new) Managing Director, Mezzanine Floor Solutions, Windsor

“I had a pretty good handle on everything I needed to know to run the business profitably. We had no trouble getting jobs, and, with a stable and experienced crew there was no obvious need to change the way we worked. Now here I am looking at getting out of the business, wanting to sell it. Thinking about what we’ve been through with Brain in a Box, putting the business down on paper, I can see that I would have sold the business a lot quicker and would almost certainly have got more out of the sale if we’d had this already done. With all my procedures and supplier information in place, the sale would have attracted more interest. I can see that I should have done this long ago.”

Neil Seabrook – (outgoing) Managing Director, Mezzanine Floor Solutions, Windsor

The first steps…

In 30 minutes we can show you how we would work with your Vendor. We’ll explain our ‘referral commission system or vendor credit voucher’ and give your client the opportunity to receive a FREE ‘Systems Assessment and Report’ giving them the information required to make a decision.

Consulting Packages start from $3000 to $15000 depending on the size and complexity of the business.

We'd like to reward you for your support and interest in helping your vendor sell their business. Choose from either an income opportunity for yourself or a credit voucher that can pass onto your client.