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If you have a look at your desk calendar or on your computer its going to tell you that it’s 18 March, summer is over and we’re nearly a quarter of the way through the year.

Take a minute and think about your business and the processes and procedures that you use to reduce inefficiency, saving you time and money.

Are you confident that your systems are robust enough to help you to achieve this year’s goals? If not, take action today!

Call us and find out how other clients are getting the best out of Brain in a Box.

Start by using the great tips and hints in this newsletter.

Brain in a Box Systems Workshops

Systems Kickstart Workshop

Do you want to take your first steps to better business systems and develop a Systems Implementation Plan? Then the Systems Kickstart Workshop is what you’re looking for!

The Systems Kickstart Workshop will give you tips and techniques on:

  • Mindmapping – understand and analyse your business
  • Managing risks and benefits – making sure your systems cover them
  • Developing your systems project plan
  • Managing the 7 most common hurdles to implementation of successful systems
  • Practical hints and tips to keep you on track.

Bring along samples of your work for an instant ‘critique’.

You should attend if you have bought Brain in a Box recently or if you’ve only managed to produce a few processes and want to know more.
Monday, 12 April: 1pm-4pm
Monday, 10 May: 1pm-4pm
Monday, 7 June: 1pm-4pm

Systems Champion Workshop

So you’ve been appointed as the ‘Systems Champion’ in your business – Congratulations!

The Systems Champion Workshop will help you identify the challenges you will most likely face in implementing systems in your business. Learn how to manage others’ involvement to capture, map, write and review the processes that form the core of the business systems.

Drawing on our experience with systems implementation and change management, we’ll help make sure that you, as the ‘Systems Champion’, can achieve what you’ve been entrusted to do, with confidence. This workshop will be held at our offices in Castle Hill.

We can also deliver this workshop at your workplace and customise it to suit your business. If this option would suit your company, please contact us today on 1300 799 330.
Monday, 19 April: 1pm-4pm
Monday, 24 May: 1pm-4pm
Monday, 21 June: 1pm-4pm

To ensure that you get great value from these workshops, there are only 6 places available (per workshop). If you are interested in booking in for one or both of these workshops; either book online Brain in a Box or call us today on 1300 799 330.

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Inside this issue:

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Do you want to be able to easily identify where the risks and benefits lie within your business?

Then your answer is simple – create a mindmap.

By developing a mindmap, you can create a helicopter view of your business. This enables you to capture, organise and analyse what works well and what doesn’t well within your business. Through using our tips below you will easily be able to identify where the risks and benefits are with your business.

5 tips for your Mindmap

  1. Download FreeMind from the Brain in a Box website.
  2. Create a mindmap of your business. Using the Ins and Enter keys, you can quickly build your map. Check out Documentation under the Help menu for more detailed guidance.
  3. Insert an Icon on different branches of your mind map.
    By adding icons to nodes (each branch on the map is called a node) you can easily analyse and categorise different items of your mindmap. Create a key to record your description for each icon for easy reference (see the example at right). By using icons, you can quickly identify, say, which areas of your business work well, which bits are inconsistent, and so on. This can help you to understand where the risks lie in your business.


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Get a free hands-on look at Brain in a Box Designer.

Wish you could have a look at someone using Brain in a Box? Need some tips or motivation? Have a few questions to ask?

Our Foundation Series webinars are online, interactive and free for owners of Brain in a Box. They give you a hands-on look at the basics of Brain in a Box Designer from the comfort of your own desk. Ask questions, and interact with people from other companies that are at the same stage as you, all whilst watching our screens as we work through Brain in a Box Designer.

For example, Session 2 - Process Mapping I will guide you through the basics of using Brain in a Box Designer, from naming charts, through to drawing figures and lines.

Here are three quick tips from these sessions;

  1. Naming your Charts

Before you start mapping a process make sure you give your chart a name and save the file. We recommend that you set and follow a consistent naming pattern for your files such as, Category Name- Chart Title eg. Accounts- Create an Invoice, Accounts- Send an Invoice. This establishes a good routine and organises your charts so that they can easily be filed and found as the example below shows.

Title a Chart Example Chart sorted by name


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Changes to the Site

Logging into the Members Area

If you need to log into the members section, you can do so by simply clicking the ‘My Brain Login’ on the top right hand corner of our website. This will take you into the My Brain members area where you can download tools, update your details, view upcoming events and more.

Screen Shot of My Brain Login

Support Request

Life gets so busy at times you can’t drop everything and make that much needed phone call for assistance. With the Brain in a Box ‘Support Request Form’ you can lodge your support question at anytime online. You can fill out a support request inside the My Brain members section. By using the form your message is delivered to the right person immediately so they can assist you as soon as possible.

Can’t get into the My Brain area or lost your password?

If you haven’t received your unique Username and Password call us today and we can arrange the information to be emailed to you.

If you’ve lost your password click the My Brain Login and select the ‘Lost Password’ Option from the Members Menu on the left. Here you’ll input your Username or Email Account associated with your Brain in a Box account. Your password will then be sent to your email account.

Screen Shot Lost your Password

Browsing the Events Page

Inside the Events page you’ll notice the Events have been classified into groups. Foundations Webinar Series, Group Workshops and Free live Webinars. We hope this aids your viewing and your booking experience is simplified.

Note: In the upcoming weeks Webinars will also be available for you to view in your own time.

Blogging like there’s no Tomorrow.

John has an abundance of information in his head that he’s been sharing via the online Blogs. You’ll find them on the main menu under ‘Blog’. They may be the key to unlocking your systems inefficiency.

Feedback is always welcome, so please email stephanie.campanella@braininabox.com.au/

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Take a microscope to that one problem area of your business

Most parts of the business work perfectly well, but there’s this one area that hurts too much in terms of time, stress, effort or straight out dollar cost. It’s frustrating, it saps your energy, and everyone agrees that there’s plenty of room for improvement. But what can you do? You’ve got a business to run.

What you can do is to get yourself into a Systems Focus Workshop. Dig into that problem area and pinpoint where the problems really are. Look at who’s involved and decide whether you’ve got the right people doing the right things. Get absolutely clear on how your business would benefit if the problem area stopped being a problem and started working like a well-oiled machine.

With a clear understanding of what’s contributing to your problem, and what your incentive is for getting it fixed, we can design the process from the ground up. Using our proven process design methodology (straight out of the Simple Systems Kit), you’ll set out the way things will work. Of course we’ll be guiding you all the way, doing what we do best (helping you to systemise your business).

Is this achievable, given that we’re talking about a 2 hour workshop? Let’s look at what two clients achieved through this fast-paced workshop. In the first example, we finished up with a process map of the order fulfilment process (start to finish) and an instant, no-cost solution to one of the major problems we’d identified. Not bad for two hours and a $300 invoice cost. With our second client we focused on the tendering process, and identified that by introducing some rules around tender assessment and creating a tender ‘scoring’ sheet, we could free up over ten hours a week of the business owner’s time. Again, a great outcome for two hours work!

*Not only did real, bankable benefits come out of these workshops, but everyone involved is now fired up, ready to focus on getting it right in other areas, too. The positive energy in the room at the end of the workshops is practically tangible. Of course there’s more work to do on the problem areas we worked on, but there’s also a very clear picture of what this work will result in. It won’t be too long before the ‘problem areas’ will simply be by the newest entries in the company operations manual.

Call us to discuss how the Systems Focus Workshop could help your business to squash the problems you’re seeing right now.

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