In a couple of week’s time, it will be the Chinese ‘Year of the Tiger’. What better time to take your business by the tail and turn it into the profit making, enjoyable place to work you want. Implementing better systems is one sure way to make this happen. Take advantage our the resources and experience Brain in a Box provides to help you either take that vital first step or completely document your systems. There are a number of offers and good information in this newsletter to help you on your way.

Accessing the Process Library

The process library is quickly becoming a key resource for our clients. Today, we have over 1000 processes and this is being added to each week as we work with new companies and industries.

Many clients are taking advantage of the leverage the provided by the library to add value to the systems in their business. Michelle Houareau from Living Space Constructions says “I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the Process Library. It’s such a tremendous tool to help me build the systems for the whole business.”

We now bundle the library into economically attractive solutions starting $45 each. When you consider the time and expertise you need to develop and test processes this represents great value.

Take advantage of our offer of 3 processes for Free before February 12th. Simply click 'register now'.

*Offer available to Brain in a Box owners. Offer limited to the first 20 clients who register.

An easy way to help your friends

Often clients ask 'What’s the best way to introduce Brain in a Box to other business owners?” Why not give them one of our new FREE systems assessment and report vouchers. One of our consultants will spend an hour to work through an audit of the systems the owners currently have in place and then produce a report showing them ways and means of improving process and procedure in the business. If you know someone who could benefit, please contact me on 1300 799 330.

Certificate IV in Business course, kicks off

Our first three Cert IV in Business course participants started in earnest this January. Each of them has a pivotal administration or organisational role within their business. Having been appointed the “Systems Champion”, responsible for the implementation of new systems. Over the next 12 months they will greatly improve the running of the business whilst completing a nationally recognised course.

One of the participants, Natasha Lobo-Thornton, Corporate Culture says:

"From the Certificate IV in Business course I would like to get a better understanding of what I do day to day and how I interact with our team.”

Is there someone in your team who could also benefit from doing the course? If so ring us for more details and to see if they would qualify for the Government Training subsidy for the course.

New Consulting Packages to suit you

Accelerator and Assimilator are the two new packages. Designed to suit your time commitments, budget and need for systems these packages include Workshops, face to face consulting, implementing and Webinars.

Whether you want to fix a few key areas of your business or your determined to ‘get it right’, these packages will give you the confidence and motivation to ensure continued improvement in your business.

FREE Webinar series starts soon

Two new webinar series start this month. You can book into either the Coral or Lavender series on the events page. Everyone is welcome, even if you have done some or all of the webinars before and would like to refresh your knowledge, or you have just started using Brain in a Box.

Twice as much support

Our customer service team has doubled to ensure the highest level of service for you. Amy Parish and Sarsha Strasser are now available Monday to Friday to assist you with enquiries, tips and hints. If you have ANY questions regarding Brain in a Box please just get on the phone and ask!

Inside this issue:

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Designer Tip

Use Group Boxes to chunk the steps in your process charts

Take a look at the two charts below.

Yes, they both show exactly the same process BUT the example on the left uses group boxes to chunk the process. They break the process down into 3 steps – Prepare Order, Send Order and Confirm Order, whereas the second example provides no help to the user. Particularly with more complex processes, we recommend that you always group the steps to aid understanding.

To see how to create group boxes, view Module 6 on the Foundations Training DVD.

Just one more thing… Notice the time guide at the top of the process charts? Would this be helpful in some of your processes?

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