Exciting times ahead at Brain in a Box you'll find in this newsletter a range of new products and services to assist you to use better systems in your business.

We're confident one or more of these will be ideal for your business and you'll be keen to implement them as soon as possible.

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Launch of our Certificate IV – Business course.

A chance conversation on a plane trip back from Melbourne has lead to the introduction of our own Nationally recognised Certificate IV- Business course. We were excited to learn that our approach to systems could be mapped to fit the criteria and that there is funding available under the Government Training program that may be applicable to your business!

But was does this mean for you and your team? If you are looking to document and manage through your systems, you may have a team member who would be suitable for the course. Both of you would benefit enormously. First, the attendee will end up with a recognised training qualification and the owner will get the benefits of systems implemented and working in the business. This will have a positive effect on your business, today, tomorrow and for years to come.

And here’s the icing on the cake. The course runs over 12 to 24 months depending on which state of Australia you operate in and the investment is just $3850. Your company may then be eligible for Government training levy of $4000 per participant.

If this may be of interest, please apply today. The course is limited to 6 attendees per month to ensure optimal interaction for each attendee. If you’re not sure that this is suitable for your business, just ask.

Just Out! Smash Repair Toolbox

Our latest industry pack, the Smash Repair Toolbox, is rolling out as you read this newsletter. The world of smash repairs now has more regulation and tighter margins than ever before, and systems can mean the difference between breaking even and making a profit.

Working with a very successful Sydney smash repair business, we have developed close to 100 processes and a range of supporting documents covering all aspects of operating a successful smash repair business.

Special Offer: Purchase or recommend it to a friend before the end of October 09 and receive $300 consulting credit to help you implement this into your business.

Process Library

If you’ve been working on your systems and think to yourself, “Surely someone else has done this already – surely I could just download this process,” then you might just be in luck. Our Process Library contains over 600 processes covering many aspects of business. Whilst we can’t guarantee that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, there’s a reasonable chance that you will come up with something that’ll save you time and effort.

You can purchase library processes in bundles. Interested? Give us a call.

One 2 One webinars – intro price of $45 for 45 minutes

We have conducted webinars for hundreds of you this year. The feedback has been great and we are planning to introduce a new series of more advanced webinars soon.

However, some of you don’t like the open format of the group webinars. John Scott, our customer services manager is introducing personalised webinars to ensure that you get the help you need to develop great systems for your business.

The new format of one 2 one webinars can be on any aspect of using our approach to systems. You’ll get personal attention to ensure that any thing you learn will directly benefit your business.

Each webinar will run for 45 minutes and can be held Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm. We have an introductory price of $45 per webinar till December 11th.

We guarantee to use your time effectively. If you don’t get great value out of the session, we will refund your monies, no questions asked.

Take advantage of this offer and see the real effects of systems work in your business. Bookings must be made 7 days in advance and payment is due prior to the webinar.

Help your mate out (and at the same time make your life easier)!

Builders and Plumbers how frustrating is it to work alongside someone who is not following a system? Yes, we know the answer. So here’s your opportunity to change it for good.

Simply recommend that your fellow tradesman listen’s to our 45 minute information session and will give you three one 2 one webinar sessions, valued at $135 for free. Just ring us with their name or email us sales@braininabox.com.au

Free Customer Service till Jan 1st, if you register in the next 10 days.

More and more, clients are commenting on the value and effectiveness of the after sales customer service provided free of charge. Are you using the resources available to you as much as you could? If not, please take this opportunity to get involved in our webinar series. Simply go to the events page and book in. John Scott is available to critique any process charts you have developed to provide useful feedback to ensure that you are achieving best business practises and reducing your risks.

And here’s the good news. We are offering FREE customer service until Christmas Eve, that’s right, no matter how long you have owned Brain in a Box, you can get additional support for the next 3 months. There’s no excuse now for not benefitting from the development and implementation of better systems in your business.

Foundations Series - 5 FREE Webinars

We often get calls from owners of Brain in a Box asking how to perform some task or other in Brain in a Box Designer. We help them and they get on with their work, just as you’d expect.

Almost all of the questions we are asked, however, relate to information covered in the Foundations Series webinars. This series of five 45-minute webinars sits within our Active Support Programme, which is included with all purchases of Brain in a Box and industry packs.

Booking into the webinars is simple and you can download the comprehensive notes that act as a reference both during and long after the webinar.

The feedback we have received on the webinars has been 100% positive, so book in now if you haven’t done so yet.

Incidentally, the webinars offer a very effective means of skilling up the new person on your team who has been asked to look after systems in your business, taking over from someone who’s just left. Together with the Training DVD, with its 20 modules of practical guidance, the Foundations Series webinars give you the chance to really build some skill in using Designer.

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Announcing the arrival of Steph’s new baby.

Stephanie Campanella, our resident designer and Computer Geek has been with us since February this year. In the past few months she has been working to dramatically restructure our website both cosmetically and functionally and what a great job she has done.

Our new website has a great look and feel, which will aid you in navigating your way to finding information and other resources. Please have a look and let us know what you think. Check out Brain in a Box

Steph works for our sister company All the Other Stuff and is available to work for you doing everything from company logos, brochure design to Adwords campaigns. Ring her directly on 02 8850 3142 for a chat and free quote.

Designer Tip

Need to change colours of figures on your Designer process chart? Selecting different types of figures then using the Back Colour button on the Figures tab results in the figures changing to the same type as the first figure selected.

Changing just the colours of different types of figures is easy if you...

Select the figures whose colours need to be changed

Select the desired colour using the Back Color palette on the toolbar

Click OK, and the colours are changed (without changing the figure type).

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