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The Brain in a Box story

Brain in a box is the brainchild of John Tonkin who for many years has consulted in the world of business systems.

John’s passion for helping business owners and their teams to realise the benefits of systems has lead to some fantastic results for our clients.

Starting in 2007, to date we have worked with over 300 companies, all of which needed more structure, better communication and greater consistency. Implementing Brain in a Box into their business has resulted in significant profit increases, freed up time spent in the business, enabled a new owner to take over a business and allowed businesses to grow.

Opportunities at Brain in a Box

Our business is growing, our clients need help and we need consultants.

Are you looking to build your own consulting business?

Wanted! People who have a strong, practical background in business systems – not just analysis, but real, in-your-face systems that real people can use. - this is what we are looking for. Choose your time and level of commitment to suit your lifestyle needs.

If you have what it takes to be a consultant in this field, why not give us a call and let’s chat about it – no guarantees, no obligations.


About Our Team

  • Management
  • Consultants

John Tonkin
Founder, Director

Growing from a corporate training background, always working closely with technology and systems, John has worked in some of Australia's leading companies. He now specialises in helping business owners to balance the demands of running the business, keeping their systems up to date, and guiding the team to achieve the required business outcomes.

John gets a kick out of hearing proud owners and team members sound surprised when they actually get the system doing what it was always supposed to do.


Arnold Toynbee
Certified Consultant - Northern NSW

Arnold started his career in the construction industry as a quantity surveyor in his native Scotland and later worked in the Middle East in the oil and gas industry. After migrating to Australia in 1984 he made a career change into Information Technology where he has held many senior roles in sales & marketing and general management providing both hardware and software solutions to all levels of business and government. Several of these roles involved start-up companies and the creation of good systems that allowed strong and planned growth including an implementation of ISO-9000.

After relocating to the far North Coast of NSW Arnold sought new opportunities where his background skills could be well utilised. Since discovering this business, he has often been heard muttering "I wish Brain in a Box had been available all those years ago - how much easier my work would have been".


Elke Wick
Certified Consultant - Sunshine Coast

Starting out as a software developer for a large internationally freight company in Adelaide, Elke has over 20 years experience in Information Technology. From there she progressed through various software development roles including design, development, testing, documentation, training and project management for a Federal Government project and a local IT consulting firm in Sydney. By 2000, Elke owned and ran a computer training business in Auckland, New Zealand.

This all changed when Elke sailed into Mooloolaba harbour on the Sunshine Coast, where she set up a new business. After starting to use Brain in a Box in early 2008, developing systems for her clients, Elke found that her clients were so impressed with Brain in Box that she became a licensee, and now helps even more clients to help themselves in the development and implementation of systems.


Matt Kay
Certified Consultant - Central Coast

Coming from the pharmaceutical industry, Matt had developed a good understanding of the role of systems in achieving and maintaining operational and quality standards. Moving to a growing construction business, he was then able to gain first-hand experience in developing and implementing systems, working closely with the business owners. The results were tangible, and there were also improvements in terms of business practice, staff morale and client relationships.

Seeing these improvements convinced Matt that Brain in a Box offered real business owners a real chance to systemise their business and get the benefits that come from good systems. Matt is now committed to assisting other business owners to achieve the same success through creating or improving the systems they rely on every day.

Clive Jones
Certified Consultant - Newcastle

As Clive puts it ...

"My goal is to help you create systems or procedures that should effectively make you “redundant” from your business. Yes, you did read correctly… redundant… so that it no longer relies on your being there all the time, so you can reap the rewards and come and go as you please."

"With over 30 years business management experience, I have always applied a systematic approach to my different roles, and yes, I have made myself redundant a couple of times now by setting things up to run smoothly ”without me”. This was obviously not a great career move as an employee, so that’s when I decided to start helping others to do the same thing… but in their own businesses… effectively “Turbocharging Your Business Systematically”.